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Porsche Sponge

Car sponge with "PORSCHE" logo
$9.00 incl tax

Leather Cleaner

Leather cleaner, 100 ml bottle for smooth-finish leather. Removes dirt and stains without altering the original colour. Prepares the leather well for subsequent treatment with the Porsche leather conditioner Removes dirt and stains without altering the original colour Prepares the leather well for subsequent treatment with the Porsche leather conditioner
$13.00 incl tax

Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

High-quality black microfibre cloth with embossed "PORSCHE" logo. For efficient and gentle cleaning of screens and other sensitive surfaces in the interior. Greatest possible functionality combined with a long service life
$16.00 incl tax

Interior Window Cleaner

Interior window cleaner, 100 ml bottle. Crystal clear windows – optimum visibility Interior window cleaner, 100 ml bottle. Optimum visibility thanks to crystal clear windows.
$18.00 incl tax

Hard Wax

Hard wax, 250 ml bottle. Original deep gloss and lasting protection without streaks or haze Painted surfaces must be sustainably protected against damaging environmental influences. Moreover, they are bleached by sunlight and become unsightly over time. The vehicle paintwork is sensitive to environmental influences such as UV radiation, rain, insects, bird droppings, etc. and must therefore be protected from them. With the use of Carnauba wax, the properties of the hardest and most expensive natural wax in the world have been raised to a new level. Creates an even tougher, reflective high-gloss finish Achieves even more brilliant depth of colour Protects against the effects of weathering and environmental factors for longer Fast and easy application, without streaks or haze Suitable for all paint finishes (metallic and normal paints as well as nano and scratch-resistant paints)
$24.00 incl tax

Paint Polish

Paint polish, 250 ml bottle. Removes haze and superficial scratches The Tequipment paint polish provides the highly reflective gloss of a new car and application couldn't be simpler (like dusting). The premium paint polish for: All types of paint finish (metallic and solid paints) as well as all paintwork conditions (from new to highly weathered) Removes haze (dulling of the paint finish through environmental and weathering influences) and superficial scratches obtained at the car wash Easy to polish, protects and seals the paintwork (for up to 3 months) thanks to high-quality Carnauba wax Replaces other paint cleaners and is solvent-free Suitable for machine polishing
$24.00 incl tax

Window Cleaner

Window cleaner concentrate, 250 ml bottle. Removes blinding, oily films – for a clear view High-quality care products specially approved for Porsche Also included in Cabriolet care case
$24.00 incl tax

Shampoo and Convertible Top Cleaner

Washing shampoo and convertible top cleaner, 250 ml bottle. For protective cleaning of the vehicle. Does not attack the wax and preserving coatings.
$25.00 incl tax

Insect Remover

Insect remover, 500 ml bottle with spray head. Removes even stubborn insect residue thanks to the excellent cleaning power of the gel formula Removes even stubborn dirt thanks to the special gel formula. The insect remover removes all insect residue from the windscreen quickly and completely Ideal for cleaning the front of the vehicle (e.g. bonnet, bumper, radiator grille, headlights and plastic headlight lenses) Extremely economical as the product does not run off and can react more effectively thanks to the gel formula Compatible with paints – guaranteed. Ideal as a pre-cleaner for the car wash for example
$25.00 incl tax

2-in-1 Display Cleaner

The 2-in-1 display cleaner ensures clean touchscreens without dirt or fingerprints. The display cleaner stands out both for its purist bottle design and its intelligent concept: simply spray the cleaning fluid onto the display and wipe to a streak-free shine with the bottle's microfibre sleeve. Also suitable for smartphones and tablets.
$30.00 incl tax

Convertible Top Care

Convertible top conditioner, 400 ml bottle Fabric-protecting long-term impregnation
$35.00 incl tax

Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioner, 100 ml bottle. Preserves the natural suppleness of the leather The combination of pure active ingredients - absolutely solvent-free - consisting of jojoba oil, highly effective and special light stabilisers penetrates into the deepest layers of the leather, keeping it smooth and protecting it from soiling and ageing prevents cracking and prevents spread of existing cracks protects against bleaching through UV radiation restores the original surface appearance and the depth of colour does not produce shine
$36.00 incl tax

White Edition Alloy Rim Cleaner

Porsche alloy rim cleaner is completely acid-free and contains special ingredients that are designed to remove brake dust. It dislodges the dust highly effectively without damaging any other materials. Porsche alloy rim cleaner is the ideal product for removing stubborn deposits from the outer surface of wheels. The gel formula of the product helps it to adhere well to the rims which makes it ideal for use before having your car cleaned in a car-wash. Bottle size: 400 ml
$41.00 incl tax

White Edition Paint Polish

With Porsche paint polish, you can ensure that your paintwork is spotless. The special polishing particles allow you to remove haze and surface scratches easily. The paint polish makes your paintwork look like new and creates a lasting impression. Porsche paint polish is the ideal way of caring for your paintwork. It leaves your vehicle looking perfect and gives it long-term protection. We recommend using it once or twice a year. Bottle size: 300 ml
$42.00 incl tax

White Edition Shampoo and Convertible Top Cleaner

For the paintwork or the convertible top: Using Porsche shampoo and convertible top cleaner you can clean and protect your vehicle. Regular cleaning is the basis for all other types of vehicle care. It protects the paintwork and keeps your Porsche looking at its best at all times. This product removes dirt and prepares the surface for polishing and waxing without damaging existing wax or protective coatings. Bottle size: 300 ml
$42.00 incl tax

White Edition Insect Remover

The acid-free insect remover will remove even stubborn insect remains and dirt easily and without leaving any residues, giving you a clear view from the cockpit with no streaks or smears. This gel-based product will clean the glass and the paintwork of your Porsche without causing any damage. Bottle size: 400 ml
$43.00 incl tax

Rim Cleaner With Spray Head

Rim cleaner (acid-free) 500 ml bottle with spray head. Cleans thoroughly and gently Removes even stubborn dirt. Please note: Also available in a 1,000 ml refillable bottle Removes even the most engrained dirt such as extreme brake abrasion particles caused by a sporty driving style Fast-acting and quick to apply (only 3-5 minutes reaction time) Acid-free, therefore safe for users and materials Highly economical and effective thanks to the gel formula Cleans automatically – spray on, briefly allow to react, rinse off, done
$43.00 incl tax

White Edition Leather Cleaner

Porsche leather cleaner completely removes dirt and stains from your leather interior without altering the original colour. This prevents the leather from drying out and becoming brittle and cracking. It prepares the surface of the leather for treatment with leather conditioner. Bottle size: 300 ml
$45.00 incl tax

White Edition Hard Wax

Porsche hard wax combines perfect protection with easy use. It protects both new and polished paintwork against the weather. You will already appreciate the natural and refined nature of this wax during application. It contains high-quality Brazilian carnauba wax (the hardest natural wax) and special nano polymers. This ensures an amazing shine, lasting protection and dirt repellence, and excellent water repellence as well. This way, your Porsche will be perfectly protected and enhanced with a perfect finish. Bottle size: 300 ml
$46.00 incl tax

White Edition Interior Glass Cleaner

You can easily remove dust, dirt and particles from the air that impair your visibility using the interior glass cleaner. This helps to prevent an unnecessary safety risk caused by stubborn deposits on the glass. After using the cleaner, you will have crystal clear windows with no smears and a clear view of the outside world. Bottle size: 300 ml
$48.00 incl tax

Backrest Protector

The backrest protector prevents soiling and damage to the backs of the seats through dirty shoes or kicks by the rear passengers. It can be attached effortlessly at the bottom by means of a magnet clip and hook. Four integrated pockets provide additional storage space.
$63.00 incl tax

Luggage Compartment Box

95B 044 009
A great way to keep smaller items and groceries from rolling around the boot. Grippy material keeps this box in place. Collapses easily when you need to pack it flat. Built in handles for ease of carrying to and from the car.
$66.00 incl tax

Decorative Valve Sleeves (Black)

Set, comprising 4 cover sleeves. Aluminium sleeves in Black with coloured Porsche Crest. For vehicles with Tyre Pressure Monitoring (433 MHz).
$83.00 incl tax

Decorative Valve Sleeves (Silver Monochrome Crest)

Set, comprising 4 cover sleeves. Silver-coloured aluminium sleeves with monochrome Porsche Crest For vehicles with Tyre Pressure Monitoring (433 MHz).
$83.00 incl tax

Decorative Valve Sleeves (Silver Coloured Crest)

Set, comprising 4 cover sleeves. Silver-coloured aluminium sleeves with coloured Porsche Crest For vehicles with Tyre Pressure Monitoring (433 MHz).
$83.00 incl tax