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Hard Wax

Hard wax, 250 ml bottle. Original deep gloss and lasting protection without streaks or haze Painted surfaces must be sustainably protected against damaging environmental influences. Moreover, they are bleached by sunlight and become unsightly over time. The vehicle paintwork is sensitive to environmental influences such as UV radiation, rain, insects, bird droppings, etc. and must therefore be protected from them. With the use of Carnauba wax, the properties of the hardest and most expensive natural wax in the world have been raised to a new level. Creates an even tougher, reflective high-gloss finish Achieves even more brilliant depth of colour Protects against the effects of weathering and environmental factors for longer Fast and easy application, without streaks or haze Suitable for all paint finishes (metallic and normal paints as well as nano and scratch-resistant paints)
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